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    Daily Market Comment

    17 September Daily Market Comment ›
    Latest Update 15/05/2014 AWB Market Talk Video-Casts 
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    AWB launches 2014/15 Early Commitment Program
    AWB today launched the 2014/15 AWB Early Commitment Program (ECP) which will assist Australian wheat growers in managing their price risk this harvest in the volatile global wheat market. more ›
    AWB National Crop Survey Winners AnnouncedWA Newdegate Farmer Wins $5000 cash
    AWB today named the winners of its AWB national crop survey prize draw with $5,000 cash for the national winner and five iPads awarded to winners across Australia’s wheat belt. more ›
    AWB finalises SA & Vic 2013/14 barley pools
    AWB today announced it has finalised the South Australian & Victorian 2013/14 Barley Pools. more ›
    AWB 2013/14 Wheat Harvest Pool price update

    AWB today announced the AWB 2013/14 Wheat Harvest Pool Estimated Pool Returns (EPRs) have been reduced by $1 - $3 a tonne for the majority of wheat grades following significant falls in US wheat futures over recent months

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