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    Daily Market Comment

    21 November Daily Market Comment ›
    Grain Pools: A continued focus on transparency
    The issue of how grain pools operate and the governance arrangements around them has been on the agenda in the grain industry for many years. Recently For more ›
    AWB 2017/18 Season Starter Pool November EPR update
    AWB announces a 2017/18 Season Starter Estimated Pool Return for the 16th November 2017. For more ›
    AWB 2017/18 Spring Starter Pool November EPR update
    AWB announces the first Estimated Pool Return update for 2017/18 Spring Starter program . For more ›
    AWB 2017/18 Harvest Pool NEPR announced
    AWB is pleased to announce the 2017/18 AWB Harvest Pool Nominated Estimated Pool Return (NEPR) which has been set for all port zones. For more ›
    AWB 2016/17 Harvest Pool Finalisation Update

    AWB is pleased to confirm  that the 2016/17 Harvest Pool has been finalised. For

    more ›