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    Daily Market Comment

    30 March Daily Market Comment ›
    AWB Market Report Videocast (Last update18/12/2014)
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    2014/15 Early Commitment Program Estimated Returns Update

    Based on prevailing market prices, following a recalculation of our early commitment program, returns will be revised down for most grades by between $2 – 18 per tonne.

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    2014/15 Season Starter Plan Estimated Returns Update

    The AWB Season Starter Plan EPRs are being revised lower in most geographies and grades with revisions in the range $4-12 per tonne.

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    AWB Harvest Pool EPR Update  January 2015

    AWB is pleased to announce that the 2014/15 Harvest Pool Estimated Pool Returns (EPRs) for the South Australia and Western Australia pools have all increased while the majority of EPRs in the North Eastern and South Eastern have remain unchanged

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    AWB finalises 2013/14 Wheat Harvest Pools with a strong finish to the program and higher pool returns

    With the AWB 2013/14 Wheat Pools independent external audit complete, AWB is delighted to be able to increase pool returns for the vast majority of grades in all geographies and advise that final payments will be paid this week.

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    2014/15 Harvest Wheat Pool Estimated Pool Returns Rise
    AWB is pleased to announce that the 2014/2015 Harvest Pool Estimated Pool Returns (EPR’s) have risen across the country. The attached EPR update highlights the strengthening estimated returns for the majority of grades for this season’s Harvest Pool. By diversifying your grain sales and committing some tonnes to the AWB Harvest Pool you can participate in market volatility across the season with the aim of enhancing your returns. more ›