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AWB is a leading diversified agricultural supply chain business specialising in the storage and handling, origination, trading and processing of grain and oilseeds. We have an extensive network of local and state representatives across the Australian grain belt that partner with Australian farmers to provide access to a range of tools and services to help them thrive. 

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AWB proud to support program for Understanding Crop Production for Women

09 Nov. 2018

The program and workshops were not only a fantastic agricultural learning experience for these women, but a great chance to extend their networks, meet other women in similar situations...


AWB 2018/19 Season Starter Pool October Update

30 Oct. 2018

A big benefit of pre-harvest wheat pools is the option it gives growers to participate in the market for longer and take advantage of favourable price movements over a year. 


Sailing through the market

30 Oct. 2018

After solid rainfalls across northern NSW over the past 3 weeks, one would not be blamed for becoming over-excited and pulling the ark out of the shed. Moisture has arrived at a good time and seen...


Covering your harvest costs

29 Oct. 2018

They say you have to spend money to make money and nowhere is this more relevant than grain production. With the onset of harvest in many parts of the country, growers are...


AWB 2017/18 Harvest Pool October finalisation update

23 Oct. 2018

AWB today are pleased to announce the 2017/18 Harvest Pool finalised returns for 23rd October 2018.


Introducing Hannah Barden, WA Accumulation Manager

18 Oct. 2018

I am most excited to meet WA growers to learn more about their operations and understand their business needs, as well as the people behind it. As such, the first thing I am going to do...


Rolling the dice on summer crop

09 Oct. 2018

With another week of significant widespread rainfall failing to eventuate in Northern NSW, summer crop is hanging in the balance and the next 4-6 weeks will be pivotal for planting decisions. 


Every season is unique. What can we learn from this one?

04 Oct. 2018

The changeable commodity markets have left some growers questioning their marketing decisions over the last six to twelve months. The old saying rings true, ‘Don’t regret anything you’ve done in the past because it was exactly what you wanted at the time. Now make the choice for the future.’

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