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Extreme pricing unlikely to be seen as harvest kicks off

14 Oct. 2019

Last year’s harvest bought about extreme pricing in majority of areas which is unlikely to be seen again due to the reduced appetite of the trade and end users to gain coverage for longer than necessary.



Delivering made easy this harvest

15 Oct. 2019

With harvest underway in some parts of the country, our team have been helping growers register for the new Grower Delivery Application.



Same Same But Different?

08 Oct. 2019

Broadly speaking, the areas of supply and deficit are not too dissimilar to those of the previous year and with the strong possibility of a smaller national wheat crop there is some bullishness about the prospects for harvest pricing and beyond. So whilst it ‘feels’ like a carbon copy of last year, is it?



It’s beginning to look a lot like last year

02 Oct. 2019

Well what a week in sport! You have the Raiders who have been promising for some time finally get through to a Grand Final for the first time in 25 years, the GWS Giants in the AFL, who obviously played their Grand final a week too early and the Wallabies - well they are a bit like the Australian grain market at the moment - all over the shop.



Sorghum crop looking to turn back the clock

24 Sep. 2019

There is still time for the sorghum crop, and many would recall in 2007 when it began raining in the north around November and we produced upwards of 3.7 million tonnes.



Australian canola industry to reap benefits

20 Sep. 2019

We are delighted with the introduction of Sustainable Grain Australia, which is designed to simplify the sustainability certification process for Australian canola destined for the EU biodiesel market.


The new Grower Delivery App puts growers in control

17 Sep. 2019

New investment at GrainFlow sites is giving growers extra choice this year when storing their grain and oilseeds.


Crops Hit The Wall

17 Sep. 2019

With no substantial rain events behind us and the forecast leaving us forever guessing, crops have ‘hit the wall’ as soil moisture reserves have all but depleted coinciding with above average daytime temperatures, wind and multiple frost events.



Crops being hit by haymakers

09 Sep. 2019

This past week has seen plenty of action locally with the market showing some extremely bullish signs. Despite the US futures market remaining relatively subdued and the Aussie dollar rallying over 100 points, cash markets almost everywhere in Australia have surged higher. 


Hand to mouth markets prevail

03 Sep. 2019

Spring is upon us and that means show times, footy finals and rainfall… Well at least I have two out of three things right! The continued dry weather...


Grain markets by the numbers

13 Aug. 2019

The USDA has left our domestic wheat production unchanged at 21 million mt which is in line with ABARES latest forecast of 21.19 million mt. However, given the current environment one must ask whether this number is still achievable?


Barley Barley Everywhere

06 Aug. 2019

With the current state of play in our weather conditions over the past three years, barley has been the mainstay of many in production and financial reward and it has been the liquid gold that many have wanted. Because of this, the barley area has again exceeded all expectation on the East Coast as well as Western Australia.


Grain Markets they are a changing

30 Jul. 2019

Does the East Coast market ever go back to a normal season? I guess that depends what you classify as a normal season! Needless to say, the landscape through our part of the grain belt has changed dramatically in recent times and will continue to do so.


Sentiment drying up fast

23 Jul. 2019

The week that has been saw 1-2mm fall sporadically across southern NSW with nothing registering to the north or west. The forecast isn’t showing any encouraging signs in the next week whilst the days are becoming longer and warmer.


USDA surprised the market when releasing their production and end stocks numbers in the monthly WASDE

16 Jul. 2019

Wheat futures were catapulted last week after the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) surprised the market when releasing their production and end stocks numbers in the monthly WASDE (World Supply and Demand Estimates) Report.


New Season Crop In Focus

08 Jul. 2019

It is still wet in the United States and most areas above Forbes in Central New South Wales are really feeling the pinch due to lack of any decent rainfall. We can only hope that there is a turn around soon in the season for everyone’s sake.


AWB Annual Crop Survey Week 4 winners

03 Jul. 2019

We are pleased to announce our fourth and last week cash prize winners for participants in AWB’s 2019 Annual Crop Survey.


Strap yourself in for a trip around global grain markets

02 Jul. 2019

To provide an update on the grains market these days you almost need to be a foreign correspondent. There are so many influences from around the globe combining to form a picture of the current market and its future direction. So strap yourself in for a trip around global grain markets.


Grain Markets, Bulls & Bears

19 Jun. 2019

While the dry continues in Northern NSW and QLD, Central NSW is increasingly feeling the pinch following disappointingly light and patchy rainfall. However, prospects are firming in the southern part of the state with some areas only one good fall away from a firm production outlook.


AWB Annual Crop Survey: Week 1 winners announced

12 Jun. 2019

We are pleased to announce our first cash prize winners for participants in AWB’s 2019 Annual Crop Survey.


Crops For Communities

06 Jun. 2019

To kick off the 2019/20 season, we are launching a new community program for GrainFlow customers.


Droughts and flooding rains

04 Jun. 2019

Talk about droughts and flooding rains. In the US, weather continues to play havoc, delaying planting of the corn crops and causing flooding of wheat fields. Here in Australia, areas of the  east coast are looking down the barrel of a third year of below par winter crop rainfall.


Volatility returns to grains

27 May. 2019

In our part of the world, follow up rain is badly needed but on the other side of the globe, too much rain is rattling markets.


Domestic wheat cash markets firm

21 May. 2019

After some busy weeks of burning diesel in the paddock, this year’s autumn sowing program is now approaching the finishing line, bringing with it a bit more optimism.


Crop Insurance from a growers perspective

15 May. 2019

Hats off to the Grain Growers Association for their proactive advocacy on crop insurance. In this month’s edition of the GGA Magazine, one of our crop insurance customers, Corey Blacksell is featured. Corey was one of the first growers to take up our innovative Frost Insurance product and he talks about his experience in this article.


Global Bears Continue to Weigh on Markets

13 May. 2019

With planting underway across the east coast, attention now turns to the arrival of follow-up rain to assist with crop establishment and building further moisture for those yet to get the planter out of the shed.


How to lock in wheat basis prices at current levels

06 May. 2019

Understanding wheat basis prices is important for growers wishing to control the price they receive for their grain.


Markets susceptible despite the nice drop

06 May. 2019

A slow moving weather system featured across the eastern states last week, with the rain beginning in South Australia and moving slowly North-East as it filtered into QLD over Friday and Saturday.



Will the ASX come to wheat’s party?

29 Apr. 2019

Rainfall that fell in areas of eastern NSW just over three weeks ago are now showing a slight tinge of green with grazing and canola crops starting to take shape...


Grain from way out west continues to flow

22 Apr. 2019

Local spot markets have struggled over the past week as demand wanes and the flow of imported grain from the west continues unhindered. Unfavourable weather conditions throughout our cropping region might have been expected to tighten markets...


Proud to contribute to new sports facility in Charlton

15 Apr. 2019

Charlton Park re-development project will be a brand-new multi-purpose sport and recreational centre, with a range of sports such as football, netball, hockey, tennis and cricket to name a few...


WA Snaps Up Frost Cover

11 Apr. 2019

Interest in Frost Insurance is really growing, as growers look to manage this substantial production risk. The Countryman takes a look at frost cover a little deeper. Read the full article by clicking here


Cautious Optimism after the Rain

11 Apr. 2019

Whilst this rain was very beneficial over the last week, particularly in the Castlereagh river system, it is hugely important we see timely follow up rain.


3 business-day payment terms for WA cash contracts.

04 Apr. 2019

New for WA growers is 3 business day payment terms for cash contracts.


An eventful week for Canola

02 Apr. 2019

There has been some useful rainfall in many areas of NSW and QLD over the last couple of weeks which has given pause to growers finalising their seeding plans this year. While sub-soil moisture... 


Barley Cracks Appearing

28 Mar. 2019

Since 2015/16 harvesting the once ‘ugly duckling’ has risen to be a very useful income earner due to its high domestic and export demand, outstanding yield, and the ability of production in the hardest of climates. 


Know VICTORY® Roundup® Ready Canola? Think Again.

15 Mar. 2019

Here are 6 things about the VICTORY® Roundup® Ready Canola program you may not know.


Warmly welcoming frost insurance back in 2019

15 Mar. 2019

We are pleased to say our crop insurance products are firmly on offer in 2019!


Grain markets seek guidance

13 Mar. 2019

Grain markets continue to seek guidance from our global counterparts while local markets remain subdued.


International Women's Day

07 Mar. 2019

Australian Penne Kehl, Director of Cargill Asia Pacific shares her story on International Women's Day.


FTA with Indonesia positive for the Australian grains industry

04 Mar. 2019

The FTA with Indonesia will be a positive for the Australian grains industry. 


Outside influences drive the Australian market

28 Feb. 2019

Outside influences have affected the market more than the consistent dry conditions on the Eastern Australia seaboard writes Warren Lander.

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