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Ships Ahoy

10 Aug. 2022

Last week saw the first grain ships departing Ukraine since February invasion signalling, that at least for now, Moscow intends to honour the safe passage agreement brokered late last month...


Cash market slips and grain growers pull back from selling

04 Aug. 2022

The BOM recently released its three month outlook for August to October and the current weather patterns look set to continue...


Sowing success a mixed bad across eastern states

28 Jul. 2022

As we speed along into August, the New South Wales crop continues to emerge and progress in a very mixed fashion...


Too many lions, not enough shares

20 Jul. 2022

While the humanitarian aspect of the Eastern European situation remains terrible, it has undoubtedly provided very favourable market conditions for us here in Australia to participate in...


Season bodes well for most grain growers

13 Jul. 2022

As we approach the mid-point of the winter months, the Australian crop conditions are for the most part, well setup right across the country. 


Grain prices go for elevator ride

06 Jul. 2022

The saying goes that markets take the stairs up and the elevator down, which suggests that markets tend to fall faster than they rise. 


Grain growers welcome improved conditions

29 Jun. 2022

Never in recent history has it felt like the ag commodities market has exhibited such volatility in such a short space of time. 


Consistent wet spell adds to 'normal' year

22 Jun. 2022

In what we used to call a ‘normal’ year,  the end of June has quite commonly been associated with the conclusion of the winter sowing program.


Weather woes as market slows

15 Jun. 2022

The Australian Bureau of Agricultural Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) recently released its June report, tipping Australia to produce its fourth largest winter crop on record at 50.9 million tonnes. 


Cash markets shiver along with the growers

08 Jun. 2022

As much of the country shivers through a cold blast, one could be mistaken for thinking the weather had somehow managed to take the heat out of cash markets as well.


A quieter week at the Chiropractors Clinic

01 Jun. 2022

Of late, it would seem, a market-moving event was a daily occurence, with both domestic and international commodity values reacting accordingly. 


Grains market lifts in face of season’s challenges

25 May. 2022

International wheat futures have consolidated this week after rallying last week on the back of India’s decision to abruptly ban exports. 



Indian export ban causes import headaches

18 May. 2022

The global market caught a shock late last week when India announced an abrupt ban on its wheat exports on May 14.


WA Market Wrap

18 May. 2022

To date, seeding conditions over most of Western Australia have been excellent and, in some areas, exceptional. This is the second year in a row many have encountered the "new phenomenon" that is sowing programs into soil moisture and being provided the luxury of "knock down" chemical application.  


A logistical nightmare

11 May. 2022

The recent harvest provided a physical and emotional rollercoaster with the highlights of big yields and strong pricing counterbalanced by persistent harvest rains and the subsequent delays and quality issues.


Oilseed demand lifts acreage

04 May. 2022

Significant increases to crop input prices hasn't slowed the efforts to plant this year's winter crop as almost the entire east coast has been gifted a well-timed and wide-spread autumn break. 


Optimal conditions align for winter crop

27 Apr. 2022

As sowing programs across the country ramp up on what for the most part is a full moisture profile, Australian farmers look primed to capitalize on record prices for their product. 


Where to from here

20 Apr. 2022

In recent months 'volatile' seems to have been the word of choice to try and describe grain market movements and, given we unfortunately don't appear any closer to a resolution to the crisis in Ukraine, it appears this description is likely to remain popular for some time yet. 


Existing world grains issues persist

13 Apr. 2022

Another week rolls by and another round of inputs into the discussion, more forcibly argued depending on the side of the fence you sit, seller or buyer. 


Watching for the flashes

06 Apr. 2022

Without a meaningful resolution in sight for the crisis in Ukraine, the market continues to trade under the expectation that disruptions to Black Sea grains and oilseeds will be felt for a while yet, increasing the requirement for alternative origins to step up and fill the shortfall. 


Sowing intentions start to emerge

30 Mar. 2022

International markets continue to trade erratically on the back of expected supply chain disruptions due to the situation in Ukraine. Whilst we all hope for a swift end to the conflict, it is impossible to predict how things will progress and as such international markets continue to trade volatile ranges on a daily basis.


Some other things to watch

23 Mar. 2022

There is no doubt that the most significant influence on today's grains and oilseeds markets is the situation in Ukraine - the unknowns of what will be planted, fertilised, harvested and exported from this important region is creating a nervous trading environment, prone to jumping at shadows. 


Volatility likely to remain a key theme as we near sowing window

16 Mar. 2022

As the devastating situation in Ukraine continues to reverberate around the world, we saw the dramatic effect on commodity markets last week with large price swings as the market digests each headline.


Record crops but volatile prices

09 Mar. 2022

As the shock of crisis overseas settles in after two weeks since it began, unfortunately the devastating situation in the Black Sea doesn't appear to be dissipating anytime soon...


Volatility and instability here to stay

02 Mar. 2022

The rapid escalation of conflict in Eastern Europe is frightening, unprecedented and the toll on humanity is devastating. The uncertainty of the situation is driving Agricultural commodity markets into territory not seen in almost a decade....


A peek into the sorghum world

23 Feb. 2022

The last couple of weeks have seen favourable weather conditions that have enabled growers to make solid progress into their sorghum harvest....


One eye on the horizon

16 Feb. 2022

With the 2021/22 harvest finally in the rear-view mirror for all but a few stragglers, the focus quickly shifts to marketing what unsold grain remains on-farm....


Highlights of a memorable harvest

09 Feb. 2022

With the dust nearly settled on the 2021/22 harvest, it will be with mixed adjectives how we describe this one in the years to come.


Canola growers prepared for price volatility

02 Feb. 2022

New season canola prices are starting the year in nosebleed territory relative to other years, which makes canola a very attractive option to growers in 2022 . 


Keeping all the irons in the fire

27 Jan. 2022

As harvest rolls into its fifth month through parts of New South Wales, growers and traders alike are now turning their attention to the considerable task of executing one of our biggest crops on record. 


Disruption in the feed grain sector

19 Jan. 2022

Australia's key atmospheric and oceanic indicators point to a continued La Niña weather pattern sticking around until at least February 2022. 


Headwinds facing farmers in 2022

11 Jan. 2022

Harvest is slowly wrapping up on the east coast however the ever persistent La Nina continues to delay the placement of the final full-stop on this seasons bumper harvest. 


The higher the bid, the further to fall

29 Dec. 2021

As December finally brought the welcome news of a reprieve from the rain across most of the East Coast, the increase in harvest activity unfortunately seemed to coincide with a decrease in values to the Australian grower. 


Wave of grain hits canola price

21 Dec. 2021

The unfortunate reality of the huge wave of grain that has hit the system in this short period of time is the effect it has had on cash markets. 


Harvest given its head

15 Dec. 2021

This past week has seen much of the East Coast return to its' usual December programming - warm and sunny - a welcome reprieve for those looking to complete winter crop harvest, along with summer croppers who recently became involved in aquaponics.


What's next for canola prices

07 Dec. 2021

With much of the canola harvest in New South Wales finally appearing to be over the hill after ongoing rain delays, and the impacts to quality appearing to be not as bad as originally feared...


Flooding rains and quality pain

30 Nov. 2021

The month of November in New South Wales is typically met with temperatures warming up, little to no rainfall and harvest gathering momentum across the state.


When it rain it pours

24 Nov. 2021

We were warned it was going to be a wet harvest, but the optimist in us thought - "It'll be right, that's what they said last year." 


Rainfall raises quality questions

17 Nov. 2021

Harvest has commenced in most parts of New South Wales as we approach the end of November and while there was some good progress made early on,


Harvest Wrap

10 Nov. 2021

Harvest activity to date has been quite slow relative to the usual pace set with a combination of weather and availability of machinery and labour holding up progress. 


Harvest versus the Heavens

02 Nov. 2021

In what feels like a theme that will persist throughout the Australian harvest, the first weeks of header activity have faced some early challenges from mother nature. 


Nerves and excitement as harvest rolls-out

26 Oct. 2021

Whether you're looking at social media, or more traditional media like you are now, you are no doubt being peppered with harvest pictures, videos and stories. 


Paradise by the chaser bin light

20 Oct. 2021

With the Queensland cousins making a start to harvest proceedings these past few weeks, in between bouts of wild weather, New South Wales patiently waits for the crop to come in, albeit slowly given the gentle finishing conditions. 


To hold or sell canola

12 Oct. 2021

As has been well publicised, canola prices are extreme and with harvest just around the corner, growers are anxious to get the crop off and convert it into dollars. 


Price jump again, with Australian producers in the box seat

06 Oct. 2021

Wheat futures ended the week with a bang on Friday night increasing their fightback after weeks of stagnation. All this action in wheat, all the while east coast canola prices continue their march towards A$1,000 per tonne – a price which has already traded in Western Australia.



Australian grain market looking buoyant

29 Sep. 2021

For the majority of New South Wales and the country generally, it is looking like an above average harvest and despite the challenges for many in securing staff, this is fantastic for regional Australia. Big crops bring so much activity, employment and economic benefit to our country towns which in these challenging times, is a very welcome positive.


Another record harvest on the cards

22 Sep. 2021

As we move towards the end of September, one of the most important growing months for Australia's winter crop, we can almost see the finish line. Back-to-back 30 million tonne wheat crops have been on the cards for much of the year and with New South Wales experiencing a cool and wettish September, only a hot and frosty finish will spoil the party. 


Australian grain market outlook

15 Sep. 2021

Last week ABARES published their September Australian Crop Report which unsurprisingly saw production increases to the Australian winter crop following what can only be described as a dream run for most in the New South Wales cropping belt.


Protein crucial for market strength

08 Sep. 2021

Winter is behind us and the Australian wheat crop is in great shape for another bumper harvest with most forecasts falling short of a record year but well in excess of 32 million tonnes. 


Malt market brewing

01 Sep. 2021

In grain market wires it has been wheat and canola that have been hogging the headlines of late, however barley markets are also starting to attract some attention providing good news for growers of Australia's second largest winter crop. 


"Marge, the rains are 'ere - again?!"

24 Aug. 2021

Australian grain and oilseed producers continue to have one eye on the weather map, the other on the bidsheets, as prices that were considered “aspirational” only a few short weeks ago are being achieved just as the bureau adds some welcome colour to the forecast for much of the East Coast.


Australian grains set to rule the world

17 Aug. 2021

As the weather season starts to come to a close for the Northern Hemisphere production and the news of the Canadian canola seed production issues well digested by the market, what is next for the canola seed market and what does that mean for New South Wales new crop pricing? 


The Northern Hemisphere production hiccups continue

11 Aug. 2021

It seems the age-old saying, 'one man's misfortune is another man's opportunity' is playing out in Australia this season...


Harvest is coming

03 Aug. 2021

It's been a couple of months of proper winter with cold, wet and windy weather and hasn't it been delightful...


Australian grain market outlook

27 Jul. 2021

With July almost in the books and weather continuing to be cold, rainy and windy across most of the cropping regions of Australia, conditions couldn't be better as we approach spring...


Mother nature- The driver of markets

20 Jul. 2021

Mother nature tends to be a complicated and unpredictable force where quite often someone's misfortune turns into another's good fortune.


Here comes the grain

13 Jul. 2021

With welcome rain across the month of June the majority of Australia's cropping regions are shaping up to have an average to well above average production year for 2021/22. 


Weather driven rally for grain prices

06 Jul. 2021

As we see off the month of June and for most people, the end of sowing, the BOM reports that last month produced above average to very much above average rainfall for a large part of the New South Wales cropping belt. Undoubtedly there are some that would appreciate a top up, however the general consensus is that a few days of dry weather would be a welcome break. 


WA Market Wrap - June

06 Jul. 2021

One consideration that must be made this year, is how are we going to store the predicted large production of grain across Australia this season.


Generous June Delivers Potential

29 Jun. 2021

The month of June has been generous with its rainfall adding valuable moisture to the coffers of the New South Wales broadacre farmer. For some, the rain has been welcomed as a fair dinkum season opener, whilst for others it has consolidated what has already been a very good start to the 2020/21 growing season. 


Broadacre farmers delight, but where will we store all this grain?

22 Jun. 2021

As Phillip Lowe, the Reserve Bank of Australia governor said last week, the performance of the Australian agriculture sector throughout the Covid pandemic has helped underpin the nation’s economic recovery.


Crop Forecast looks strong, but will prices hold?

15 Jun. 2021

So much of 2021 is yet to unfold, including the all-important spring, however recent rains have the New South Wales crop starting to resemble that of 2020.  Unfortunately the same cannot be said for some other parts of the country.


Variable harvest predicted

08 Jun. 2021

As expected, the production figures for the 2020-21 harvest and prospects for the 2021-2022 harvest are forecast at well above average, however worth noting this is not without regional variation.


SA Market Wrap - May

01 Jun. 2021

As winter crop planting progresses around Australia, with many areas nearing the end, greater attention is now being paid to new crop marketing options for the coming 2021/22 season. 


It's all happening

01 Jun. 2021

There’s rarely a dull day in Australian Agriculture and the past few weeks has been no exception, with a lingering summer program seeing both harvesting and planting operations being carried out side-by-side in many areas of the East Coast, with the associated logistics of it all under the pump too.


Southern crops on tenterhooks

25 May. 2021

As we progress through the month of May, the absence of rain continues to concern our friends in Victoria and South Australia who are still waiting for their traditional break to the season. 


Uncertain outlook expected to provide opportunities

17 May. 2021

Farmers marketing their grain will need look at the global picture to understand where the risk and reward may be. With the most recent World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report released, it may pay to keep an eye on global supply and demand.


Rising tide lifts all boats

11 May. 2021

The last month has seen an extraordinary run across all major global agricultural commodities with severe weather concerns and strong demand dominating the headlines.


WA Market Wrap - April

10 May. 2021

What a month it has been. A Cyclone tore through the northern wheatbelt, heavy downpours for the remaining wheatbelt and commodity markets rallying heavily over the past three weeks...


Australian grain in the box seat

04 May. 2021

...while growers are largely wanting to get the crop established before genuinely engaging the market, it is interesting to understand what is driving Australia’s values at present and whether the influencing factors will be present for the remainder of the season.


Plenty to be positive about

27 Apr. 2021

As we approach the end of April with rain gauges devoid of the desired monthly rainfall the New South Wales farmer continues to sow the crop, with one eye on the forecast and the other on a volatile grain market providing an entertaining distraction.


A record year for canola?

20 Apr. 2021

As we approach the Anzac Day holiday many farmers across the state are taking advantage of fantastic sowing conditions for early sown crops such as grazing wheat and barley, and of course the traditional early sown crop, canola.


Exports moving at a good clip

14 Apr. 2021

Fresh data released from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) highlighted the strong grain export program being executed around the world at present, with Australia featuring prominently in wheat, barley, sorghum and oilseeds.


SA Market Wrap - March

07 Apr. 2021

The past two months have seen the ports a hive of activity and domestic consumers back in the market, with grain moving rapidly by road and rail into these customers and ports.


Rain leads to rethink of winter cropping plans

05 Apr. 2021

March has been eventful for NSW with floods and large rainfalls stretching through much of the cropping belt.  Whilst it may negatively impact a few farms with summer programs, most farmers are rejoicing and rethinking their winter cropping plans.


WA Market Wrap - March

31 Mar. 2021

The past two months has seen some great rainfall totals over a large part of the West Australian wheat belt with a few lucky areas now over 150mm of summer rainfall.


Rain, rain, come again

30 Mar. 2021

A week can be a long time in grain markets and the week just passed was no exception. With over eight inches of soaking rain received in parts of Southern and Central New South Wales cropping belts since Thursday last week, agriculturalists will look back fondly.


Tightening ocean freight exerts its influence on local markets

23 Mar. 2021

The tightness in the global freight market is certainly being felt in supply chains across Australia. Naturally, as the cost of vessels rise, freight rates to move the product also rise and as a result the cost of moving grain and oilseeds from Australia to consumers globally also increases.


Summer crop rounding the halfway mark

16 Mar. 2021

The past week has seen some handy rainfall totals down the East Coast, with Queensland and Northern New South Wales the primary benefactors. Those with later Summer crops planted, especially in northern areas and into the Liverpool Plains, are now all but assured of an above average result.


Feed grain surplus as we hurtle towards sowing

09 Mar. 2021

With the export market largely dominated by milling grade requirements, there is fear that feed grain markets will come under significant pricing pressure in the next 4-6 weeks.


A return to pricing fundamentals

01 Mar. 2021

Overseas markets have been erratic over the past couple of weeks, to say the least. With most markets predominantly being driven by China recently, with their New Year holiday taking place, US futures have turned to fundamentals for price action.


Aussie dollar thaws while US/Russia freezes

22 Feb. 2021

There are fears of a winterkill across the US plains where large quantities of wheat may have been affected; this will get a lot of attention now and in the coming months.


WA impresses and East Coast exports

15 Feb. 2021

Last week we saw the Grains Industry of Western Australia (GIWA) release their 2020 final crop production estimates which across all zones and commodities was pegged at 16.63 million metric tonnes. The result was considered exceptional given the state received well below average rainfall for the growing season.


A season to remember

08 Feb. 2021

The 20/21 season will be one remembered by growers and industry players for many years to come. It will be one of those benchmark years that is reflected upon around kitchen tables and boardrooms as the new yardstick for what is deemed a “bin buster.”


WA Market Wrap - January

07 Feb. 2021

Certainly an interesting start to the new year from a grain marketing perspective with some big swings on CBOT wheat futures pushing past 670 US cents per bushel, barley tenders awarded and canola prices riding a roller coaster for the month.


Local partnership lights up a community

05 Feb. 2021

A partnership between Cargill and local farmers is providing much needed funding for local facilities and charities.


SA Market Wrap - January

04 Feb. 2021

With harvest now over, and as people have had a bit of time to let the dust settle, the attention has moved to marketing unsold grain and getting ready for season 2021/22.


Out with the old, ahead of the new

02 Feb. 2021

The new year has brought with it a renewed sense of engagement from growers looking to step up the movement of the significant stocks still held in on-farm storages.


Focus turns to supply chain and moving grain

27 Jan. 2021

Over the last six months we have seen global agricultural commodity markets navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic with a very strong bullish undertone.


Cargill welcomes arrival of export mobile ship loader

22 Jan. 2021

Cargill has welcomed the arrival of its export mobile ship loader in Port Adelaide, signalling a major new investment for the South Australia agriculture sector.


Demand abroad on the rise

18 Jan. 2021

With a monster east coast harvest done and dusted and grain in the bin and the Christmas holiday period behind us, growers will likely start looking at marketing the next chunk of their crop.


Focus turns to moving grain in early 2021

04 Jan. 2021

The 2020/21 harvest has been littered with delays due to rain events and fire ban days however just prior to Christmas, bulk handlers were reporting the largest ever receivals through their storages and with some NSW farmers in the southern regions still expected to harvest into the early parts of 2021, the numbers will only get bigger.


Big exports puts the Australian supply chain to the test

29 Dec. 2020

Australia’s export infrastructure is facing one of its greatest tests with a near record crop on the East Coast and surging demand for Australian grain around the world.


Making mountains at West Wyalong

23 Dec. 2020

Before harvest, site supervisor at Cargill’s GrainFlow site at West Wyalong, Alan Cooper,  bought a drone with aerial photography. It turned out to be a canny purchase allowing Alan to capture one of the most memorable harvests in recent memory.


WA Market Wrap - December

24 Dec. 2020

With the 2020 harvest quickly drawing to a close, the surprises for the year have kept coming, albeit this time for most its certainly been an agreeable one with yields undoubtedly better than expected in most cases. 


SA Market Wrap - December

24 Dec. 2020

As harvest slowly starts to wind down, it was great to see the drama field year that was 2020 end on a positive note. 


Surging exports a boom for brand Australia

21 Dec. 2020

2020 has been a forgettable year for lots of reasons, from bushfires to Covid-19. But the year is shaping up to be completely memorable as one of the best cropping seasons in recent times.


Putting Your Best Foot Forward

15 Dec. 2020

As headers in Central and Southern New South Wales and Victoria continue their efforts to complete harvest ahead of Christmas, growers in the north have largely wrapped up both their harvest and marketing programs for 2020 and are looking up the road to see if 2021 brings with it some fresh opportunity.


Water saving efficiency wins Cargill Australia recognition

08 Dec. 2020

Cargill Australia (Newcastle Facility) has been recognised as a leader in water management and efficiency by the Hunter Business Chamber at its recent 2020 business awards.


Christmas comes early on the east coast

07 Dec. 2020

For most farmers across the east coast, Christmas came early this year.  The build up to this year’s crop was highly anticipated and so far, it hasn’t disappointed.  Grain continues to fly into bulk handlers and on-farm storage at rapid rates with growers hoping to be finished harvest by Christmas.


Records breaking as harvest progresses south

30 Nov. 2020

The month of November has been one of the busiest in recent years with over 7 million tonnes of grain received into the bulk handling system on the east coast alone coinciding with the New South Wales harvest close to 75% completed.


Canola growers cashing in

23 Nov. 2020

Canola harvest is wrapping up quickly through NSW, as harvest rolls south and east at a rate of knots. Growers have enjoyed some great results with big yields and prices remaining firm through harvest.


ISCC Certification

24 Nov. 2020

Due to a number factors, Europe has become the prime importer of Australian canola buying up to 80% of our exports at times...


New Free Trade Agreement with Asian countries a positive for Australian Ag

18 Nov. 2020

On the 15th of November, 15 countries signed the world’s largest free trade agreement called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.


Growers reaping the rewards of Dynamic Binning this harvest

18 Nov. 2020

GrainFlow’s Dynamic Binning is upgrading almost 15% of wheat deliveries across it’s storage and handling network this season. 


The quiet after the storms

17 Nov. 2020

It has been a quieter week in grain circles, as growers focus their efforts more so on harvesting rather than marketing in the wake of recent price corrections. 


China, Saudi and harvest heating up closer to home

09 Nov. 2020

A very eventful week or so in grain markets as harvest progresses rapidly with a string of clear days through most regions. Cool overnight temperatures throughout much of New South Wales has probably stemmed what should have been the biggest days of harvest to date...


WA Market Wrap - November

09 Nov. 2020

As harvest progresses there are many parts of the WA wheatbelt experiencing higher than anticipated yields with some clients indicating results are exceeding expectation given extremely low growing season rainfall totals.


Weather events shifting markets

02 Nov. 2020

The harvest to date has been punctuated by weather interruptions throughout the cropping belt of New South Wales and Southern Queensland. From all reports it hasn’t been a question of did you get rain, but more of how much was received.

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