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Growers grinning as we welcome the new 'norm'

26 May. 2020

Well what a week we have had. Life is starting to get back to normal again. Kids back to school, pubs and restaurants opening up, footy just about to kick off and most growers have a grin from ear to ear and full of optimism. Life just doesn’t get much better than this.


How much barley can Australia push into the Middle East?

19 May. 2020

It’s been very difficult of late to talk about anything in the grains market other than tariffs and barley, and rightly so. The announcement left most in the market stunned and prices reacted accordingly...


Barley tariffs in Chinas sights as tensions mount

12 May. 2020

The big news this week is the increasing tensions between Australia and China over the alleged anti-dumping investigation of Australian barley, which looks set to come to a head after 18 months of uncertainty.


May outlook driving farmer confidence

05 May. 2020

There is growing optimism as this year’s sowing program advances with the arrival of rainfall across the traditional ANZAC day period and widespread follow up of 30-70mm throughout NSW and VIC cropping belts accumulated at the beginning of May.


Optimism in the Air

28 Apr. 2020

With Anzac Day historically being the ‘go to’ date to start the winter sowing program just past, we have seen the majority of growers already well and truly into this season’s sowing program due to the terrific early autumn break we have experienced.


Promising outlook gives growers the green light

20 Apr. 2020

ANZAC day is upon us and with it comes the traditional commencement of the 2020/21 sowing window. However the general and mostly generous rains throughout NSW over the months of March and April have presented conditions simply too good to wait for the green light normally heralded by the 25th of April and many growers are well into their sowing programs.


WA Market Wrap - April

16 Apr. 2020

World markets are changing rapidly in reaction to the COVID-19 virus and its impact on all global markets over the next few months is anyone’s guess. 


Rain gives Australian farmers the grain light

14 Apr. 2020

As we wade through the current uncertainty in global food markets, it looks almost certain that the volatility in commodities will continue as we head towards winter conditions in Australia. 


Uncertainty Rains

07 Apr. 2020

Another wild week down with what is shaping as many more to come as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to command headlines across the globe. Heightened levels of volatility are becoming the new norm across all equity, commodity and currency markets as the degree of uncertainty climbs.


Markets explode into action

31 Mar. 2020

Well what a rollercoaster ride we’ve been on over the last week. Life in general, the Australian economy, world economics and the soap opera of commodity markets continues to roll along.


Communication to Farmer Customers RE COVID-19

24 Mar. 2020

We wanted to let you know that we are continuing to manage all services for our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.


A week is a long time in grain markets

24 Mar. 2020

A week is a long time in grain markets. This couldn’t be any truer than the week we’ve just experienced. The uncertainty the world is facing today has created some market moves that are truly mind-boggling. To think that in the last couple of days of 2019 the Aussie dollar was trading at 70c to where it fell to last week at around 55c is certainly not unprecedented, though it is astounding. Many markets around the world have been impacted by this, and our grain market is no exception.


Business Continuity for Coronavirus

18 Mar. 2020

Our customers are one of our major priorities and we want to ensure you are informed at this time.


We may be in grain danger as global turmoil continues

16 Mar. 2020

Amazing to think that only a month ago farmers all across New South Wales and Queensland were rejoicing after continued rains had drenched the east coast.


Planting Season Underway

10 Mar. 2020

The Autumn break has been welcomed with open arms from east coast farmers with totals throughout Southern New South Wales ranging from two to six inches on top of a similar break a fortnight earlier where much larger and variable rainfall accumulated in the northern cropping and pastoral zones. Previously absent from these events, areas south of the Murrumbidgee River received upwards of two inches providing much needed relief to the region.


Aussie Dollar could be the wildcard for grain growers

03 Mar. 2020

Well what a month it has been! A real rollercoaster ride of natural disasters, then came the flooding rains to much of NSW & QLD, and now we are back into the fire with the COVID-19 creating real turmoil in world markets. It would be fair to say that not a country in the world that has not been affected.


Manage your canola risks to capture upside

24 Feb. 2020

You could be forgiven for not considering canola in your rotations this year. Despite the recent rainfall it is still only February and it goes without saying that follow up rain is needed in the coming months to significantly increase confidence.


Crop rotations front of mind as welcome rain falls

17 Feb. 2020

After the first dry week in a month filled with storms, everyone in the country have been given a chance to take a breath and plan ahead for 2020. It is certainly a different prospect from six weeks ago.


With Rain Comes Optimism

10 Feb. 2020

Widespread rain across Queensland and New South Wales over the past 10 days has been more than welcome through the cropping and pastoral regions. Isolated falls of up to 12 inches have been recorded to date with more forecast for the current week.


New VICTORY® Canola Segregation at GrainFlow Charlton

05 Feb. 2020

With the increased demand for VICTORY® Canola we have taken the opportunity to widen our VICTORY® footprint by opening a new segregation at Charlton GrainFlow which will provide growers in Central Victoria the ability to deliver VICTORY® Canola locally. 


Canola Market Report

04 Feb. 2020

With the recent dry conditions many growers are looking for ways and means of reducing any type of risk in their operation. It is natural that many growers have started to consider lessening their biggest crop growing risk of all - the risk of growing canola!


Ash and Will helping fire affected communities

29 Jan. 2020

Will Mason, who is the maintenance supervisor at Cargill’s Footscray crush plant, and his partner Ash, were so inspired by the support given to farmers devastated by bushfire they knew there was only one thing to do. Get involved.


Coronavirus levelling out bullish markets

28 Jan. 2020

The recent Coronavirus health scare that started in China and is spreading across the globe is adding a bearish or risk-off tone to most markets.


Grazing country receives some much needed rain

20 Jan. 2020

With parts of New South Wales and Queensland drenched over the preceding week and into the weekend, it was a very welcome reprieve for many in the regions who will now have water flowing in their tanks and dams.


Markets react as USDA reduces production estimates

13 Jan. 2020

Friday night saw the release of the USDA’s January World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates.


More questions than answers for grain pricing

06 Jan. 2020

With the devastation to many communities over the summer in New South Wales and Victoria, these events have really put life into perspective for many and the only real means of stopping this whole tragedy is rain (and lots of it) so let’s hope it comes soon.

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