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AWB is a leading diversified agricultural supply chain business specialising in the storage and handling, origination, trading and processing of grain and oilseeds. We have an extensive network of local and state representatives across the Australian grain belt that partner with Australian farmers to provide access to a range of tools and services to help them thrive. 

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We're changing our payment terms to two business days

19 Sep. 2018

AWB and GrainFlow are committed to bringing value for our customers – shortening of payment terms where we are confident we can deliver on that commitment is one of the ways we are creating more value for our customers today and into the future. 


Sorghum crop a circuit breaker for the market

19 Sep. 2018

With the lowest rainfall amount from January to August for NSW since 1965, it's helped achieve an unwanted statistic for total winter rain 54 percent below average. However there's always positives in difficult situations and today that's wheat futures.


Fertiliser costs hit the hip pocket

13 Sep. 2018

In Australia, “The amounts spent on fertilisers in general are the largest single variable cost for grain producers, and are 15-20% of all cash costs, or 20-25% of variable costs,” according to the International Plant Nutrition Institution. 


Your grain, your cash and a reliable partner

10 Sep. 2018

For the 2017/18 season, AWB recorded a payment performance of 99 percent on time, that is, we’ve paid 99 percent of payments within their contract terms. 


New longest train record set as grain heads to drought affected north

07 Sep. 2018

A new record for the longest train in the history of the ARTC network has been set. The train is 1.8 kilometres long and 102 wagons in length, pipping the former record of 101 wagons. 


Look forward to the futures for marketing opportunity

04 Sep. 2018

To take advantage of 19/20 prices there are a few different ways you can tackle it, you could sell a multi-grade, locking in both local basis and futures, or you could look at a swap locking in futures only.


Wheat futures hit A$300 a tonne. Growers lock in 2020/21 forward contracts.

30 Aug. 2018

Wheat futures have hit A$300 a tonne (CME December 2020) providing a rare opportunity for growers to start to forward price at these high levels. Growers are seizing the opportunity using a popular forward contracting product called Basis PLUS. 


Introducing Nicholas Robertson, Central Victoria Territory Manager

28 Aug. 2018

I love that agriculture is more than just a job for farmers, ‘it is their livelihood and passion and a way of life passed down from their forefathers’. 

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