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AWB is a leading diversified agricultural supply chain business specialising in the storage and handling, origination, trading and processing of grain and oilseeds. We have an extensive network of local and state representatives across the Australian grain belt that partner with Australian farmers to provide access to a range of tools and services to help them thrive. 

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Introducing David Cripps, Geraldton Territory Manager

16 Aug. 2018

One of the things I love most about agriculture is the people. I think living and working in the agriculture business brings you into contact with great people who are passionate about what they do and that’s what makes agriculture special.


Introducing Bridie George, Narrabri Territory Manager

14 Aug. 2018

I love that agriculture provides ’the best of both worlds’ – you are producing and working with a tangible commodity on a local level while also connecting with people from all over the world.


Is 400/t a chance for wheat futures?

09 Aug. 2018

Australian Securities Exchange January 2019 eastern Australian wheat futures had settled at $393 a tonne, up $71/t during the past two months early this week. During the same period Chicago December 2018... 


It’s tax time. A quick guide to accessing your AWB RCTI

11 Jul. 2018

It’s that time of the year again where Australians are busy digging out all kinds of paperwork to get their taxation done, for better or worse. Luckily, if you’re an AWB customer...


WA farmers lead on new frost cover take up

03 Aug. 2018

Western Australian grain growers have been 'early adopters' of our new frost insurance product with 75% of the traditional fire and hail policies electing to add the optional Frost Endorsement.


The tides in wheat are beginning to turn

01 Aug. 2018

How long will the dry spell continue? It’s a question we ask ourselves each week. And if we trust the latest BOM climate outlook, it looks as though the August to October period is going to be warmer and drier than average for the eastern seaboard.


AWB 2017/18 Harvest Pool July EPR update

25 Jul. 2018

AWB today are announcing a 2017/18 Harvest Pool estimated pool return for the 25th July 2018.


Rising prices the path of least resistance

24 Jul. 2018

The theme has been consolidation in global Ag commodity futures markets with Corn and Soybeans both closing higher every day last week. While still 15-20% off the May highs, the continued positive...

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