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Manage your canola risks to capture upside

24 Feb. 2020

You could be forgiven for not considering canola in your rotations this year. Despite the recent rainfall it is still only February and it goes without saying that follow up rain is needed in the coming months to significantly increase confidence.


Crop rotations front of mind as welcome rain falls

17 Feb. 2020

After the first dry week in a month filled with storms, everyone in the country have been given a chance to take a breath and plan ahead for 2020. It is certainly a different prospect from six weeks ago.


With Rain Comes Optimism

10 Feb. 2020

Widespread rain across Queensland and New South Wales over the past 10 days has been more than welcome through the cropping and pastoral regions. Isolated falls of up to 12 inches have been recorded to date with more forecast for the current week.


New VICTORY® Canola Segregation at GrainFlow Charlton

05 Feb. 2020

With the increased demand for VICTORY® Canola we have taken the opportunity to widen our VICTORY® footprint by opening a new segregation at Charlton GrainFlow which will provide growers in Central Victoria the ability to deliver VICTORY® Canola locally. 


Canola Market Report

04 Feb. 2020

With the recent dry conditions many growers are looking for ways and means of reducing any type of risk in their operation. It is natural that many growers have started to consider lessening their biggest crop growing risk of all - the risk of growing canola!


Ash and Will helping fire affected communities

29 Jan. 2020

Will Mason, who is the maintenance supervisor at Cargill’s Footscray crush plant, and his partner Ash, were so inspired by the support given to farmers devastated by bushfire they knew there was only one thing to do. Get involved.


Coronavirus levelling out bullish markets

28 Jan. 2020

The recent Coronavirus health scare that started in China and is spreading across the globe is adding a bearish or risk-off tone to most markets.


Grazing country receives some much needed rain

20 Jan. 2020

With parts of New South Wales and Queensland drenched over the preceding week and into the weekend, it was a very welcome reprieve for many in the regions who will now have water flowing in their tanks and dams.


Markets react as USDA reduces production estimates

13 Jan. 2020

Friday night saw the release of the USDA’s January World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates.


More questions than answers for grain pricing

06 Jan. 2020

With the devastation to many communities over the summer in New South Wales and Victoria, these events have really put life into perspective for many and the only real means of stopping this whole tragedy is rain (and lots of it) so let’s hope it comes soon.


A CLEAR Way Forward

30 Dec. 2019

On the back of industry demand for payment security, GrainFlow and Clear Grain Exchange are now providing a secure settlement service for cash prices published at GrainFlow sites.


Harvest Winding Up

23 Dec. 2019

Harvest is winding up as we head into Christmas with local markets firming over the past three weeks. This strength isn’t being driven by any offshore demand for Australian wheat but more simply a case of growers being unwilling sellers at this time or price.


Taking Care To Beat The Heat

18 Dec. 2019

GrainFlow sites in south east Australia will manage through extreme heat this week to continue to serve growers. Sites are adjusting their opening hours to avoid the hottest times of the day – expected to reach the mid to high 40s.


Bulls and Bears Are Here

16 Dec. 2019

As many growers expected - most traders, flour millers, livestock feed lotters and general end users have awoken from their slumber to the realisation that the south will not have all the protein and supply requirements that are needed.


Temperatures rise as harvest nearing the end

09 Dec. 2019

The latest BOM outlook suggests warmer and drier conditions are likely to continue into 2020, and this week we are tipped to again see the mercury rise above 40 degrees in most areas of the state.


Northern Hemisphere weather not cause for concern yet

03 Dec. 2019

Could weather drive a supply issue for the Northern Hemisphere next year?


Northern drought sends big machinery south to support harvest

28 Nov. 2019

Extra equipment has been trucked into GrainFlow sites in Victoria and South Australia for this year’s harvest.


Wheat prices dominated by southern markets

25 Nov. 2019

With most growers in the Central West and Southern New South Wales all but finished harvest, growers will now be looking back on the year and thinking thank god that pain is over and done with and hoping that 2020 is far better.


Time running out for sorghum

19 Nov. 2019

The traditional planting dates for Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales are passing by and today it feels like we’re on track for the smallest sorghum crop in many years driving prices to levels we have not seen for some time.


Rains and cooler weather slowing down harvest progress

11 Nov. 2019

Last week’s rain events throughout New South Wales saw up to four inches fall in parts, proving to be more of a hinderance than help given the volume of exposed hay sitting in paddocks and maturity of the crop.


Small relief, but can it restore belief?

05 Nov. 2019

Much needed rain fell over most of NSW at the end of last week, and then continued right through the weekend as the system moved slowly through inland areas.


LIFEsavers and Zero Harm - Kicking off Global Safety Week

30 Oct. 2019

Why safety and zero harm is a personal subject for Cargill Australia's Managing Director, Erik Wibholm


Harvest standoff and it is yet to kickoff!

28 Oct. 2019

Harvest is underway in the Central West with barley starting to come off. From all reports it has again excelled in a difficult season with both quality and yield surprising all parties involved.


Prices soften as headers begin to roll

21 Oct. 2019

Barley is the main focus, as headers have started to roll in some areas of New South Wales and harvest is officially underway.



Japan's oldest beer brand seeks quality in South Australia

16 Oct. 2019

Sapporo has a long term supply agreement with Cargill Malt and Sapporo’s lead barley breeder Dr Dr Ryouichi Kanatani is currently in South Australia visiting barley growers, storage facilities and malt processing plants.


Extreme pricing unlikely to be seen as harvest kicks off

14 Oct. 2019

Last year’s harvest bought about extreme pricing in majority of areas which is unlikely to be seen again due to the reduced appetite of the trade and end users to gain coverage for longer than necessary.


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